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With the arrival of HTML5, jQuery, and Ajax, JavaScript web development skills are more valuable than ever! This complete, hands-on JavaScript tutorial covers everything you need to know now. Using line-by-line code walkthroughs and end-of-chapter exercises, top web developer and speaker Tim Wright will help you get results fast, even if you’ve never written a line of JavaScript before.

Smart, friendly, enthusiastic, and packed with modern examples, Learning JavaScript covers both design-level and development-level JavaScript. You’ll find expert knowledge and best practices for everything from jQuery and interface design to code organization and front-end templating. Wright’s focused coverage includes regular break points and clear reviews that make modern JavaScript easier to learn—and easier to use!

Learning JavaScript is your fastest route to success with JavaScript—whether you’re entirely new to the language or you need to sharpen and upgrade skills you first learned a decade ago!

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About the Author

Tim Wright

Tim is a frequent speaker, blogger, and published author. He is also a major advocate of teaching, learning, and open source. In fact, he spent some time as a teacher at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts.

He co-organized the popular meetup, “Refresh Boston” and co-founded a popular Boston-based apprentice program. During this time, he was also the host of a product design podcast called, “The Dirt” to the tune of 166 episodes! Because of these experiences, he has developed a unique view of the Web in that he considers everything from information architecture to tuning up database queries all part of creating a great end-to-end user experience.

As well as loving open source, Tim is also a passionate web accessibility advocate. He has been involved with Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Teach Access, and produced an interview series with well-known leaders in the accessibility community.

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